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Born in Yangzhou, China

I was born in a small town in Eastern China. I lived in Yangzhou for 18 years before I graduated from New Oriental International High School at Yangzhou in May 2016.


University of Southern California

I was admitted to USC Viterbi School of Engineering, class of 2020. I am a Computer Science (CSCI) major.


Course Producer (Undergrade TA)

I became a course producer for CSCI-104: Data Structures and Object Oriented Designs (C++). I hold weekly office hours, teach lab materials and help with writing homework grading scripts in Python.


Software Engineer Intern

During the summer 2018, I interned at New Oriental Education & Technology Group. I worked in smart campus dev team to deliver education software and tools to schools in Beijing and Yangzhou.

My Skills

Haozhe Chen's personal website



C++, Java, C#, Swift
Python, JavaScript, MySQL, shell

Full-stack Web Dev

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
.NET, React, Node.js, AngularJS, AWS

Mobile App Dev

iOS app dev with Xcode
Android app dev with Android Studio
Experience in React Native

My Projects

Haozhe Chen's personal website


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Memory Palace AR

An iOS app which uses AR (Augmented Reality) technology to help people who suffer from memory disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease, to exercise and reinforce their memory.

Related technologies: Swift, UIKit, ARKit

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An automated text-voice relay application that allows people with speech or hearing impairment to use text messages to communicate with voice callers

Related technologies: Node.js, RESTful API, Google Speech API

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A website for people to post or claim lost items, and receive friendly reminders to reduce the chance of losing items.
CSCI-201 Fall 2017 group project.

Related technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, MySQL

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An Android fitness app designed for users to record daily activities, customize workout plans, and track progress at ease.

Related technologies: Android, Java, Firebase, NoSQL

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Haozhe Chen's personal website

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